Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Italian Grilled Cheese

This is a really yummy way to make grilled cheese. There are so many variations for this sandwhich but I LOVE this flavor combonation. This dinner is simple but very satisfing!

Ingredients:  (make for as many sandwichies as you like!)

bread (homemade if possible, so good!)
sliced mozzeralla cheese
sliced tomato
fresh chopped basil

1.  I use homemade bread for this dinner. The bread is so fluffy and gives this sandwhich such great flavor. But a great storebought sourdough would be delicous. Just butter both outsides of your bread and place cheese on the inside. Sprinkle with basil and put it on the hot pan. Give it a few minutes and flip it!

Now we do this a bit different. I grill the sandwhich with just cheese first. As SOON as I take the sandwhich off the heat, I quickly open the sandwhich and place the tomoato slices on one side of the bread and then close it.  This way there is cheese on both sides and you don't have tomaotes falling out when you flip it.

2. So easy! Add some fruit and veggies and dinner is served!

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