Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chili Topped Cornbread Waffles

Oh these were good. Super good. Quick and fast and perfect for any busy weeknight. They are great for all this fall weather we have been having around here too. A nice warm and crispy cornbread waffle topped with chili, cheese, and all your favorite toppings. Seriously you have to make these! Your family will love them!


Your favorite corn bread mix (I used krusteaz)
add ins for mix.....eggs, milk water, oil whatever your mix calls for
homemade or your favorite chili
chopped tomatoes
shredded lettuce
chopped olives
chopped pickled jalapenos
shredded cheese
sour cream
chopped green onions

1. Chop and prepare all your toppings. Once you make up your cornbread waffles you are going to want to have all your fixings ready so you can assemble and eat! Get everything out and ready for everyone to customize their own waffle.
2. Mix up your waffles. I used a great boxed fat free mix and they turned out amazing. Set your waffle maker for high and allow it to heat up. You want a nice crispy waffle so it will hold up to all you toppings. Don't worry the middle will still be nice and fluffy. Spray your waffle maker with non-stick spray and fill the center of your waffle maker with batter.
3. When your waffle is done, plate it and right away add your chili and cheese. The cheese will start to melt and be wonderful.  Okay, add everything else that you want! Load it up and dig in!

* Serve with fruit salad or melon on the side.

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