Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chicken Parmesan Pasta Toss

I came up with this one as kinda a spin off of chicken Parmesan, which I love!! It is a little quicker and super tasty. Great with fresh Parmesan cheese and garlic bread!

Ingredients: (4 servings)

1/2 box spaghetti
1 (14oz) can petite diced tomatoes
4-6 chicken tenders or 2 chicken breasts, thawed
3-4 cloves garlic, chopped
1/2 cup onion, chopped
1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
1/2 cup Italian bread crumbs
fresh Parmesan to grate on top
salt and pepper to taste

1. Get a big pot of water boiling for the pasta and preheat your oven to 425. You are going to make everything while your pasta cooks so while your water is warming you are going to prep everything else. Lets go!
2. Line a cookie sheet with foil and spray with non-stick spray. Take each piece of chicken and toss in bread crumbs until coated and place on cookie sheet. If you are using chicken breasts, you might want to cut them into tender size pieces for quicker cooking. Set your cookie sheet off to the side. You will put your chicken in when your water starts to boil.
3. Next chop your garlic and onion. Open your can of tomatoes.
4. When water is boiling toss in your noodles, put chicken in oven and set timer for 13 minutes. Lets make the sauce.
5. In a non-stick skillet, drizzle a bit of olive oil and get your onions and garlic in the pan. When they have started to soften after a couple of minutes pour in your tomatoes. Let it simmer for about 5 minutes and taste. Add salt and pepper to your liking.
6. When your pasta is done check your chicken to make sure that it is done. Drain your noodles and toss into your sauce. Toss to coat. Pull your chicken out and cut into thinish slices. To plate : first pasta and sauce then grate some fresh Parmesan, and top with sliced chicken! SO GOOD! Serve up with steamed broccoli or a side salad and garlic bread. YUM!

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