Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fresh Fruit Trifle

This dessert is always requested by my husband, as it was this time too! It is one of his favorites! It is fast, pretty, and easy and the best part is you can choose which fruit you want to put in it. Light and healthy (for a dessert:) and you can't mess this one up!

1 box white cake mix (egg whites, applesauce, and water as it calls for it)
1 box of vanilla fat free/sugar free pudding
1 tub fat free cool whip (2 containers if you love cool whip)
fruit of your choice: I used strawberries, kiwi, bananas, blueberries, and peaches

1. Ok, so easy!! Mix and bake your cake in a 9x13 pan. Let it cool all the way. While it is cooling mix together your pudding and slice your fruit. Make nice even slices so it looks pretty. Make sure your cool whip is thawed all the way too!! Put it in the fridge the night before of at least 3 hours before you make this (like in the morning).
2. Next, cut your cake into little cubes. Run your knife through the pan making bit size cake cubes. Time to layer.
3.Place enough cake cubes on the bottom of your trifle dish or glass bowl to cover completely. Next spoon half of your pudding on top of cubes. Place some of your pretty fruit on the sides of your dish. Just press them gently. Put about half of your fruit on the pudding. Then cool whip on top of the fruit. Repeat. Cake. Pudding. Fruit. Cool whip to finish. Beautiful!! The longer in the fridge the better the flavors will blend. Enjoy!

* Just so you know..... If you are going to make this then serve it later don't put the last bit of cool whip on top until right before serving. You NEED to cover this dessert and the Saran wrap will stick to the cool whip. If you put on the cool whip and don't cover it in the fridge, the cool whip will kinda dry out and be hard.


  1. Hi Britney!
    I am one of Brianne's friends. I live in her apt. complex & our husbands go to school together. She told me about your site and I have been stealing dinner ideas off of here for months! I have never left you a comment to tell you how great everything you put on here is. I have your site favorited and seriously make at least a meal or two a week off of here. Some have even become family favorites (We LOVE the meatball sammies!)
    Thanks for being such a good cook & for sharing!!

    -Mikelle Bailey

  2. This looks so yummy. I feel like liking my computer screen.

  3. Just made this for R.S. activity tonight! I can't wait to eat it :) Thank you so much for all your great ideas! I share your blog with all my family and friends when they ask where I got the recipe for whatever I made... which I have been making a ton off of here. You are so wonderful to share these with us!