Friday, March 12, 2010

Moons over my Hammy (100th post!) and a Giveaway!!

Wow!! Next week is my first blogiversary! Yeah,this has been so much fun and such a great challenge for me. I love to cook so this is a great excuse for me to make lots of yummy food! In honor of 1 year of cooking I am going to give stuff away! I put together some fun kitchen stuff and if you want to win it, all you have to do is comment and tell me your favorite recipe on this blog. Then on March 21st I will announce the winner!

Ok, what we have here is: the best and most fun of all cupcake cook books! I love it and have used it a bunch! Perfect for parties.... believe me everyone wants this! Next, a citrus peeler, a Y peeler (love it), cute measuring cups, and a magnetic notepad for the fridge. I will throw in some yummy chocolate too! Fun, right?

Well today is my 100th recipe and post! I can't believe it. This came from my amazing sister and it was so good and easy! Yep, we like easy and quick. This will remind you of eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner at a yummy diner.

Ingredients: (this made 2 adult sammies)

loaf of sourdough bread
6 eggs (more for more sammies)
4 slices Swiss cheese
4 slices American cheese
sliced ham (lunch meat or deli meat)

1. First, you are going to make plain omelets for the egg part of the sammy. I use one egg, and two whites for each omelet and a little salt and pepper. You can add spices if you want, but really good this way. Set those aside.

2. Next, heat your skillet to medium heat and spray 2 pieces of sourdough with spray butter. We are going to do some layering. Ok, on the skillet: bread, then put 2 slices of Swiss cheese on one side, next egg omelet, 2-3 slices of ham, 2 slices of American cheese and then top with the other piece of bread. Basically it is a glorified grilled cheese. It is truly glorious.

3. Cook until golden brown, flip, cook and then enjoy! Really that is all there is to it. Add some homemade fries or potato wedges and applesauce and dinner is served!

* Don't forget to enter the giveaway!! Happy cooking!


  1. I just recently came across your blog and have so many recipies that I want to try...and a few that I already have! I LOVE chocolate and when I saw your yummy lucious layer bars...I just had to try them! And they were DELISH!! Another one I tried was your chicken and artichoke, AMAZING! I usually cook the same things, over and over, and its been so nice to have new recipies that I can try! :) Your giveaway looks way fun..keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  2. My favorite is the Jerk Chicken Dinner. LOVE IT! and I love you and your blog!

  3. I want that cupcake cookbook! It is so cute! And so is your blog. I love your blog and I love telling people about it. One of my favorites (because there are many) is the Lemon-apricot Chicken. It is so good and I make it at least every other week. Love you SO much. Happy Blog Anniversary.

  4. My favorite is your potato soup! I've made it a million times and everybody loves it. I've even shared your blog with my sister-in-law and she loves all your desserts :-) Happy Blogiversary, Brit. :-)

  5. I just linked to your blog when I saw the "Moons over My Hammy" title. That is the name of something on the menu at Denny's and my siblings and I always used to think it was hilarious so I had to read the post. After looking through all the recipes I think I need to try the Pork Lo Mein. My husband has been on a mission to learn how to make Chinese food lately. I think he would love it!

  6. I have to go with the Cheesy Rosemary Foccia. Wow! I did not spell that right but my kids are climbing on me. Anyway, love the recipe and love your blog. You are my hero!

  7. Happy Blogiversary! The recipe that comes to mind is the pumpkin spice cake (love it!!) but there are a ton of recipes on here that are so good. Too many to choose from! I love your food blog and have lots of friends comment that they click on your link from my blog and love it as well, so keep up the good work!

  8. I saw your blog on my sisters (katelyn) and loved the homemade oreo's!That is my favorite so far but I want to try a lot more of your recipes too because I love that you make them lower in fat.

  9. Happy Blogiversary! What a fun giveaway. I've been making your meatball sammies a I'll go with that one! I enjoy reading your blog and how you come up wit low fat ways to make yummy food!Good Work.

  10. I love you food blog! I use it all the time when I need a good idea. I love to make the cessar chicken and orzo for a quick lunch for my self.

  11. My favorite recipe is the lemon apricot chicken. It is SO good! You should keep putting up new recipes so Katelyn will keep making them for me!!

  12. besides just about ever single dessert recipe. The baked chicken chimis! easy, and yummy!
    ps...i've just LOVED your blog from the beginning, I can't believe it's your blogiversary!
    pps...we miss you guys!

  13. love, love, LOVE your blog! I have a new favorite with almost every post, but I think my all time fave is Italian Flag Chicken...mmm.
    Happy Blogiversary!

  14. So I found your blog through Katelyn! I am lucky to have her as a friend! And she always says such nice things about you! I hope this doesn't sound weird...but if you guys ever come to visit San Antonio, we'd love to meet you! Although, I am sure Nick & Katelyn would make sure of that! Of course, that is if they aren't to embarrassed of us! :D

    I just wanted to say I love your blog! I love the fact that you make your recipes healthier! I do too, and it is so nice to not have to do the math with your recipes!

    It's hard to pick a favorite...but a few of our family's favorites are; Baked Chicken Chimichungas, Thai Peanut Chicken Noodles, Pumpkin Pancakes, Pumpkin Spice Cake...all things Pumpkin!

    I've been meaning to make a comment for awhile! Sorry it took a give-away for me to do it, I guess that is why this is so LONG! So I am sorry for that...but keep up the amazing work! You are doing a great job! And a very Happy Blogverisary!


  15. Happy Blogaversary to You!!! (That's me singing). Be glad you can't really hear it! ;) So glad I cam to your blog! You're now on my 'yummy' list on my blog!
    I am DIEING to try your Yummy Shepherd's Pie ... yours looks WAAAAAY better than my gooey mess! That's my favorite! Hope I win! ;)