Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Smores Bark

You are probably wondering where I have been..... well we moved. Yep, like packed up the house in 3 days and moved to a new town. Then unpacked the boxes in 2 days before Rex went back to work. It was CRAZY!! But I LOVE our house and we are settled in an doing great! I LOVE my new kitchen. It is big. Lots of counter space. Lots of cupboard space. Ok, it just has lost of space. So.... now I can return back to the blogging world now that our computer desk is up and we have Internet connection again.

My huband is a snacker. He loves to munch. Espically when we are all set to watch a movie. So, I totally made these up for both of us. He has a yummy snack and I love them because I am obsessed with anything smores related. It is really good and kinda addiciting..... oh, and it is easy!


golden grahams cereal
mini marshmallows
white melting chocolate (almond bark or the white disks)
mini chocolate chips

1. Now this is really simple. Grab a cookie sheet and line that baby with wax paper. Next pour your golden grahams over onto the sheet. This is one of those recipes where you kinda make as much as you want. But I would say 2-3 cups of cereal. Next, sprinkle marshmallows over the top and kind of mix them together. Again, as many as you like. You want an even layer on your cookie sheet. If you have everything over lapped too much, when you pour the chocolate over it won't stick to everything resulting in a ton of goodies on the bottom of your cookie sheet not stuck to anything.
2. Ok, Melt your white chocolate (about 1-1/2 cups melted). When it is smooth, drizzle over the top of your cereal/marshmallow mixture. Get it all over everything!! Next sprinkle m&m's, baby chocolate chips and colorful sprinkles over the white chocolate.
3. If you want to really go crazy, melt a handful of chocolate chips in a zip lock bag and snip the tip off. Squeezing the chocolate, drizzle a thin chocolate layer over everything. Now, be patient. Let it harden and cool. (pop it in the fridge to speed things up) Then dig in!!Break it into chunks and snack. Keep left overs in an airtight container of bag.

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