Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Poke Cake

Happy 4th! This is a great cake to make for any occasion, you can mix and match colors of jello and toppings to fit any day. It is light, low fat and delicious on a hot day because it stays in the fridge until it is time to dig in! Enjoy!


1 white cake mix

egg whites, applesauce, and water (as called for on box)

1 small box of jello (4 servings size)

1 tub fat free cool whip


1. Make cake according to box. Cook and let cool completely. Poke holes throughout cake with a fork or skewer.

2. Mix jello packet and 1 cup boiling water together. Once combined, add 1/2 cup cold water. Stir. Pour jello mixture over cake letting it seep into holes.

3. Frost with cool whip and decorate with sprinkles, fruit, crushed graham crackers, candy, or leave plain. Anyway you serve this cake it will be gone in no time!! Keep in fridge until time to eat! Enjoy!

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